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Contact Our Specific departments

Our aim is to ensure that we support our customers and with that in mind it’s important you know who to contact and when.

  • If you are an existing customer and have a dedicated account manager, it is best if you contact them directly, failing that you can of course send an email to
  • With open eir serving more than 40+ National and International Service Providers. The oeCC is a dedicated point of contact on all order and fault queries, located in Ireland we have a great team of 87 dedicated to your care. We are committed to offering excellent customer service with the key focus been 1st call resolution. For queries on orders and faults please email
  • If you are not yet a customer of open eir but would like to discuss your requirements with one of our Data Sales Team, please email
  • To speak to our Marketing Team please email
  • If you come across any of our plant such as poles, lines etc. that are damaged due to storms or accidents, please call 1800 245 245 to report.
  • If you need help with understanding the options around moving, removing or relocating our poles, manholes, joint boxes, or cabinets temporarily or permanently, please contact our plant alterations department at

If you are a contractor, builder or planner and you are building a development of more than 4 homes, and you want to plan ahead re your fibre broadband connectivity please email

If you are a building a single dwelling, you will need to ensure that your plans include the necessary ducting to allow fibre to be fed from the curtilage to your premises.  To check if your premises is included in our commercial build please check with our broadband checker