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“Customer Success” is our purpose and with that in mind we have a support structure that is designed to manage our customer requirements post sale.

We have a dedicated customer care centre, which is staffed in house by experienced agents who will handle calls relating to status updates on faults and supporting new installations.

In addition, we  have dedicated Customer Success Managers (CSM), who provide insights to help our Wholesale customers improve service delivery. They provide training programs to enable your teams to self-serve and equip them with the best knowledge available, they will also help with any finance clarifications, and manage escalations and urgent care.

For tailored Data orders and large scale infrastructure orders we have a Data Delivery Team, This team ensures that all data orders are tracked from receipt to ‘go live’.  Providing our customers with delivery installation updates, and highlighting any challenges that arise ensuring that all expectations are met.

Each year we issue our Winter plan which outlines our SLAs, and any key numbers that should be used in the event of emergencies etc…

Communication and transparency is key to our customer support, we look forward to working with you.

Contact centres

Our Wholesale Customer Contact Centre comprises of both our Wholesale Service Provisioning and Service Assurance Teams.

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Customer Information Pack

As an open eir customer you now have access to open eir’s Nationwide Fixed Network, Products and Technical Expertise. Our aim is to ensure that everything we do supports you, our customer, in executing your strategy,  and supporting  your relationships with your eir Customer Care supports our customers from Order placement through Delivery to full triage for all of our Products.  Our aim and focus is to address the immediate issues being experienced while also focusing on continuous improvement across the Products and Services provided by open eir.

Our  Customer Information Pack should be used as a quick reference guide: if you require further assistance please visit contact us directly by email to or by phone at 1800 656 656.

Customer Information Pack