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open eir are deploying a full fibre gigabit network to 1.9 million premises in Ireland. Today we already reach over 1.2 million premises with our full fibre gigabit network.

We would be delighted to include your new development in our full fibre program, with that in mind, please send an email with the following details to and we will be in touch with you shortly. Alternatively the team can be contacted at 01-4285000.

  • Company Name and Contact Details
  • New Development Name
  • Number of Units
  • Commencement Date and planned completion date

We have a dedicated new developments team who will be more than happy to work with you to deliver fibre to your homes and apartments.For support in preparing your development for fibre connectivity, we have developed a  document which outlines the Civils and Infrastructure required for individual properties within your development. 

For Individual Single builds – If you are building your own home  – please make sure that your contractor installs ducting to allow for a  fibre cable to run from the curtilage (pavement) to your home. 

Important things to note – 

  1. to clarify if there is open eir fibre in your area or if your premises will be included in our commercial deployment programme – you will need to have an eircode. In order for an eircode to be assigned to a new address it has to be in the An Post GeoDirectory and only then will assign an eircode.
  2. we receive quarterly an updated GeoDirectory file with all new eircodes from An Post GeoDirectory, this is the method we use to identify new premises and clarify if they are included in our commercial deployment or whether they are included in the National Broadband Plan footprint. 
  3. if your eircode is not recognised either via our broadband checker or when attempting to order via your chosen provider – it normally means that your eircode is still not included in the An Post GeoDirectory.  We can while waiting for this update, clarify whether you will be included in our build, with this in mind please fill in the following Individual New Build form and we will get back to you asap.
  4. the allocation of an eircode does not mean that our fibre network will be made available to your premises, the allocation of an eircode allows us identify if your premises will be included in our programme and that we can include it in our deployment plans.

To avoid delays at installation stage, it is recommended that at build stage you prepare your home for fibre, which means the correct ducting is installed from curtilage to wall of your building.