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The Dangerous Plant line is used for members of the public and ‘blue light services’ to report damaged or dangerous telecoms poles and telecoms infrastructure 24X7.

From November 8th anyone dialing the current dangerous plant line (1890 245 424) will hear a recording to call us on our new freephone number 1800 245245 and this announcement will remain in place until year end

When to raise a Dangerous Plant report:

  • Poles down or leaning over
  • Cables/Wires down or hanging low
  • Cabinets or junction boxes damaged (Collisions, fire etc)
  • Open Eir labeled Manhole covers broken or damaged (Older manhole covers may be labeled P&T, Telecom Eireann or Eircom)
  • Open Eir road works in dangerous condition

If the caller’s service is affected, a fault should be logged as normal and the fact that there is a health and safety issue should be mentioned in the fault notes. Faults like this are flagged for immediate response by the OECC.

The caller may be asked to provide directions to and details of the problem (location, damage, nearby landmarks etc). Contact details will also be taken to be used in the event that directions are required by the field technician. If you have any queries, please feel free to contact the open eir service team.



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