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Leased Lines

Dedicated data circuits providing secure and reliable point to point connectivity for enterprises and own use.

Leased Lines

  • Trusted and Reliable

    Offer your customers total confidence with a technology trusted by organisations needing the highest level of data privacy and always-on communication between sites, including Banks, Government offices and Multinational Corporations.

  • Cost effective

    Low-speed analogue leased lines offer some of the most inexpensive connectivity available, allowing the creation of a national private network among two or more sites in Ireland. Digital leased lines and channelised E1's allow the same private connectivity at higher speeds.

  • Resilient

    Meet customers' need for diversity with leased lines at a range of bandwidths, with flat-rate predictable pricing based on speed and distance.

  • National Reach

    Sell point to point circuits using eir’s unrivalled nationwide core and access network. For more see the “Our Network” section of our website.

  • Integrated

    Available nationally and internationally, leased lines integrate with your customers' existing global networks.

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Document Archive

NameDate Modified
Call origination and termination_Jul_ 201715 June 2017
Call origination and termination_Apr_201707 March 2017
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WLL IPM v1 929 September 2016
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AIT Notice form201531 December 2015
CLI code of practice201531 December 2015
Master Plan Plus Process Manual V1 2 Rebranded1504 November 2015
Wholesale Leased Line Product Description (Branded)2_104 November 2015
2Mb Voice Interconnect Order Form rebranded30 October 2015
LLU Backhaul SLA 2nd_Dec_11 v1 0 FINAL Rebranded Oct30 October 2015
LLU Backhaul PD_2nd_Dec_11 v1 0 FINAL Rebranded Oct1530 October 2015
WLL SLA Version 1(Dec) (Branded) unmarked30 October 2015
AIT Closure form Rebranded30 October 2015
Master Plan Plus Offer Description V1 3 (3) Rebranded30 October 2015
Wholesale Leased Line order form23 January 2014
Interconnect Paths Order Form23 January 2014
Interconnect Operations and Maintenance Manual Version 3_0 Marked23 January 2014
Interconnect Operations And Maintenance Manual Version 3_0 Unmarked23 January 2014
Change Matrix For Interconnect Operations and Maintenance Manual Version 3_023 January 2014
Network Plan v523 January 2014
Notification Network Mgmt Action23 January 2014
Notification Of Mass Calling Event23 January 2014
Notification of Planned Maintenance23 January 2014
Numbering Template23 January 2014
Traffic Designation23 January 2014
Traffic forecast23 January 2014
Typical Operational Performance Report23 January 2014
Typical Quality of Service & Traffic Performance Report23 January 2014
Call origination and termination_ Jan_ 201716 December 2016
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WLL IPM v1_707 December 2015
Call origination and termination_ Apr 201630 March 2016
Call origination and termination_ Jan 201616 December 2015
WLL IPM v1 602Oct 2015 Branded (unmarked)23 October 2015


The Leased Lines Product is described in the Leased Line Reference Offer (LLRO). The pricing for the Leased Lines Product is detailed in the Leased Line Price List as per the link below.

Leased Line Reference Offer (LLRO)

Should you require assistance with information on pricing, please contact your account manager.


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