FTTH price reductions 2020


open eir, the wholesale arm of eir, has announced reductions in the amount it charges retail telecoms operators for connecting fibre to the home (FTTH) broadband to end users. The wholesale charge for connecting a customer will fall from €170 to €100. The monthly rental prices for our flagship 1Gbps connection profile will drop by €5. Building on the April 2020 launch of 500Mb profile, the prices for the 500Mb and 300Mb profiles will also be reduced by €5 to match the 150Mbps connection (all prices ex VAT).


open eir provides the underlying connectivity to approximately two thirds of fixed broadband subscribers in Ireland and has passed more than 500,000 premises with next generation gigabit FTTH as part of plans that will see a total of 1.4 million premises passed with FTTH within five years. Once completed, the open eir network will cover 84% of the premises in the country with future-proofed FTTH technology capable of speeds of 1 Gbps and beyond.


Eavann Murphy, Managing Director of open eir said “Following the outbreak of Covid-19, and the unprecedented increase in people working and studying from home, the importance of high-speed and reliable broadband connectivity has never been more clear. These wholesale price reductions will ultimately allow more families to benefit from the unmatched speeds and reliability of next generation fibre”.


The new charges will become effective on July 1st 2020 and retail telecoms operators will have the opportunity to pass these savings on to end customers.

Pricing & Connection fee reductions

5 Price Reduction on 300 MB, 500MB & 1GB FTTH profiles

  • All 300MB, 500MB & 1GB FTTH profiles will be included (Including VUA)
  • Available to all operators
  • Permanent price change
  • 500MB & 300MB profiles equals 150MB pricing
  • Regional and Urban price both decrease by €5
  • Launch date = 1st July 2020
Regional Pricing Max Port Speed Current VUA Price Adjusted Pricing
FTTC x 1 100Mb €19.79
FTTH Low 150Mb €23.50
FTTH Mid 300Mb €28.50 €23.50
FTTH High 1Gb €33.50 €28.50

Reduction on connection fee from €170 to €100

  • All FTTH profiles will be included (Including VUA)
  • Available to all operators
  • Permanent change
  • All sales, new to Open eir or migrations will have a connection fee of €100
  • Launch date = 1st July 2020