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open eir eliminates Minimum Term Commitment on all NGN Ethernet logical (WES) Services

open eir has now eliminated the Minimum Term Commitment on all NGN Ethernet logical (WES) services.

open eir Customers now have full flexibility to upgrade or downgrade an NGN Ethernet logical circuit or change Class of Service (CoS) parameters without having to enter into a Term Commitment.

The flexibility to upgrade bandwidth for short periods is of particular relevance for Cloud Computing Applications and major industry/social events. This feature will deliver significant cost savings where open eir Customers require bandwidth to be varied based on a particular business short term need.

Bandwidth (which can be changed in increments from 10Mbit/s to 1-10Gbit/s) and Class of Service (CoS) can be remotely changed making it very simple to manage.

For further information help and advice please contact your account manager.