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NBP Access Requests

open eir has implemented the following protocols for Operators seeking access as part of the National Broadband Plan tender process.

A dedicated “NBP Bid Support” team has been established to support these requests.

This NBP bid support team will

  • manage all requests from Operators for access to infrastructure (ducts/poles/colocation) relating to the National Broadband Plan intervention areas.
  • operate under strict chinese walls backed by Non-Disclosure Agreements that preclude the sharing of customer information with other areas of open eir.
  • be based in standalone office space.
  • have a separate reporting line to the rest of open eir.

All requests for product, pricing, access information etc. relating to the NBP should be directed from this point forward to the team at info@nbpbidsupport.ie.

This NBP bid support team will manage all interactions directly with Wholesale customers on such requests.